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Music: Koto and shakahachi

Samurai warriors blow into bamboo weapons, wander identity, passing secrets

Compass: Nexus

Goldfish turn to flame
Swim updraft &
Always Moonbird feathers, an enchanting veil,
Mini-verse stitched in a bonnet's weave

Is a type of

Quest for truth in a dangerous, illusory world,
The beauty & ferocity of setting a hat atop
One’s highest point—and the human urge to tame
Rage—trudging endless flights of steps:

Detritus of nightmare

The castle steams through clanking landscape.
The castle’s peripatetic,
But that’s incidental.
What landscape doesn’t change/move,
Vibrate, violate.

A filmmaker broadcasts light to evoke memory & Impresses the loop on a spindle.
Pricks her. She falls in love. (asleep)

A young girl turns into an elderly lady

What girl doesn’t magically grow/age/shrink/darken?

Her mask: a hellish flight of stairs
—Never-ending ending.

Action: She tries to leave the hat shop but each time she opens the door it leads back to itself. Finally she ends up taking refuge at the moving castle. She knows immediately that she’s in the traveling castle (moving picture), though she might as well be in the hat shop because the door never opens to where she expects.

She might as well be in his arms. In this poem.
Might as well be a character in a film,
An illusion in an illusion—in my mirror.

She is the sister destined to inherit a hat shop, the youngest and therefore most effective in seeking her fortune. Though unable to talk. Have I mentioned that?

Dialogue: (Listen!)

Distant sound of bird vowel
Aural trace of girl shrinking

If she were anyone other than me; for instance, if she were a baker, she’d make bluebird pies and hide in them magic keys and circular saws to free herself from prison (this spell/life). (These words that make her Malka) (She’d break it like a loaf of bread—steam rising and melting in the surrounding cool.)


Image: Movie poster for Miyazaki's HOWL'S MOVING CASTLE